These are the latest products available through Transmission & Distribution Innovations:


Revolutionary harness connector


The Shnix device is an innovative new product that allows any user working at height to exit the basket whilst aloft and be permanently attached a single location, but never to multiple to comply with regulations.

The device maintains fall prevention methods at all times during a transfer.






We do not weld, bolt, crimp or compress... We SWAGE!


This unique Connection system is centered around our patented, 360° Radial Swage Tool.

Leveraging half a century of aero space connector expertise was used to design this uniquely superior 360° connection for use in the power industry.

The Swage Tool will gets jobs done faster and at a higher quality level than your current method.

Real Time Transmission Line Conductor Monitor

Accurate, real-time, conductor clearance measurement device for facility ratings, compliance and dynamic line rating applications.

The distance of the nearest object to the conductor is measured using an on-board LiDAR sensor providing a highly accurate (+/-0.3% at 120 feet) line clearance measurement regardless of tower or insulator motion, varying span lengths, or other line conditions.

Can be used to measure line clearance to under-crossing lines.